Vendor Information for December 2018 Record Raid

2018 has been a slow year for Record Raid but we're going to squeeze in one more before it's out, trying a new venue at Ace Hotel.

Where: Ace Hotel, Barnett Hall. 600 Carondelet St.

When: Sunday December 9th, 10am to 5pm. Vendor load-in 8:30am to 10am. Load-out 5pm-6pm.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell? $40 per 8 foot Table if reserved before November 10th. $50 after that. Registration closes December 1st. If this is your first Record Raid, you get 50% refunded off your first table. Limit of 2 tables per vendor. Chairs will be provided for free. You cannot provide your own table.

What you can sell: Music of any format, vintage, used or new. Record labels are free to sell their music as well. Consumer audio equipment is great too. Music-related ephemera (books, movies, memorabilia, t-shirts) are OK so long as they're not the focus of the table. We do make some exceptions, so feel free to ask.

What you can't sell: Food and drink. As above, Crafts are generally discouraged unless they're clearly a "side item", musical instruments are discouraged, though you may leave a paper at your table letting people know (so long as they're not the focus). You should be selling *something*, for instance you cannot set up a table promoting another event.

Venue Load-in: Load-in starts at 8:30 am. There will be a gate on Carondelet St. that you give you quick access to the room. I'll update this space with a map soon. For those that sold at the Ponderosa Stomp Record Show, this is basically the same deal except we're setting up in the larger room across the hall.

About the venue: Ace Hotel is a hip hotel in the New Orleans central business district with a built-in restaurant, coffee shop, and music venue. Since this is a Sunday, parking on the street shouldn't be a big issue, though at the Ponderosa Stomp show many opted to simply use the hotel's valet parking. Also, there is a 15% discount code for Record Raid vendors that would like to stay at the hotel. If you're interested let me know and I'll tell you the code.

Part of our rental includes a food & beverage minimum which will include a small bar right outside the room.

About the Record Raid: The Record Raid has been New Orleans' largest record show since 2010, averaging between 300 and 400 customers. We like to keep an informal, fun and funky vibe that can cater to serious collectors but not intimidate casual buyers. Our free entry helps keep a diverse group of shoppers. We want to create a show where people can be excited about records and talk about them while they shop. We also like to have DJs at conversational volumes playing obscure vinyl.

Other details

It's generally a REALLY good idea to have a Square or some way to accept credit cards. We'll never force you to accept credit cards, but it's nice for customers. I've heard from several vendors about how carrying a credit card reader has given them a big bump in sales.

We expect to have a table at the front to help people with questions (though the event itself is free). We've been assigning nametags to tables and people. The point is to make sure people know who to talk to when they find records. To be honest, we don't care what your name is exactly, the important thing is that it matches what's written on your table.

I would make sure to bring a handtruck if you have one.

People often ask what they should sell. My answer is always "Play to your strengths". We get a very diverse crowd, and there's often somebody that's into what you have. Our recent poll had a few people complaining that there was too much classic rock and other "beginning record collector" stuff. People are definitely looking for deals, but don't leave the big ticket stuff at home either. Things that I always hear people saying they want to see more of: punk, reggae/ska, 90's-2000's indie rock.

We will continue to have early bird admission from 10am to 11am at $5 per head.

This is a Sunday show, which we haven't done much. It's also during a Saints game, which I believe is a first for us, though it's an away game. Not 100% sure but we might try to set up a TV in there not only for our own enjoyment, but perhaps as a means for people to feel like they can do both.

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